Spotting Elegance In Chaos

by Blame Kandinsky

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Ι am here to protect you my son into a sentenced world Ι know safety son ain’t clear to your eyes Follow me through the bleeding trance I cause Cause half of the dirt which soils my lungs is making my heart shine You witness a fearful life but you don't intend to fight An inbred trauma proves your drama, watch life's faking diorama I will reroute your fate so as not to fall upon You will feel directed but not blessed at all Come on, spot your flag like a master Sink the ship like a captain Decrease the noise and stutter why you should feel warm? What is the cause of inequality? Why should some be brought up in luxury, and same time another knows only the taste of poverty? Why should one be a mental prodigy? Why should some be born with criminal tendencies? Why should some be blessed, and other cursed from their birth?
Motivation 03:19
So our word has to be a motivational wheel like a trial's objection, as the voice of our soul The minor threats the major roads, the mastermind who use us all with perspective on abuse and including the ones who choose A wonderful perfection leading one direction, to kill our thrills to sell our dreams and train us like soldiers To try the throne to like the norm which eats us and cheat us, the TV screen will beat us The eyes of regret, the idol is dead our father got his head in a pocketful of gold With his pocketful of sand, he uses to buy anything that we should steal cause it's our freedom call An unusual perspective where the strong could be the small We are not wrong we dub the strong we are the strong And it's a lyrical disruption to say I wish it all for me, to be the seed and not the tree, to be so bent by the wind Our lives are directed by the wind Our lives are directed Our lives are directed by the wind It's that day when all bad feelings kill every hope When your heart beats for compassion and not for the action you wouldn't take. And there's a difference between create and make cause you have not learnt about loss You have not learnt about struggle You keep mumbling a prayer to keep you away from being a naysayer.
Hope 02:58
Once I was a child, then I became a man Now I am a fucking paradox, you seem like a paradox, everyone became a fucking paradox I did exactly what they told me to, to love myself to become a useful man I saw exactly what they showed me but there’s not much to see in a black canvas And now it’s time to listen to me This is my beginning, this is our statement In a world full of orders we are trying to extend our borders Through noises, through voices we found love You may now understand, this is our life and not a brand For many times, so many hours, enlightened nights and stressful days Through the noise we create I get older and older, this pain makes me feel so young The start is hard the end is near but we will make this upheaval clear Remember, what you can’t understand keeps you searching for the truth Remember there is a heart in everything, there is a heart in you Follow the hard way out There will be hopeless moments, but there will be many stories to tell About the mess in your head, about your friends, about the mess in your head, the light at the end Let me tell you more but first of all let me be thankful for the ones I have by my side.
Beleave 03:19
And we shared the same sunsets and we shared the same hearts When we cut them in two and share them with our brothers and share them with all of you The weight of the world is so much for a pair of shoulders I just hope that we're going make it out but now I feel sick when I see you I watch you strive just to get out alive I am here for you and it’s a hell of a thing I guess there is life before death, I am sure at all I guess it’s hard to find it because all we wanted was just to survive under the same sun, under the same sky, under the same ground. And we shared the same bottle and we shared the same shame When we didn’t make it out safe for everyone And we shared the same ground and we shared the same seas And we shared the same sky and we shared the same life and we shared the same end.
From south to north from east to west we feed an ocean of mouths with homicide pills I'm sorry but Ι can’t hold my tongue Ι can’t forget the twisted eyes you keep inside of me So make these tunnels your home maybe I'll be your guide I'm sorry for the truth that Ι speak for the wounds that won’t heal Keep that in mind and stay behind my arms is your seal and on my back you can feel safe. This spark is alive, this will keep us alive. I can’t forget the pain I caused you can’t forgive me Feel me, feel my words touch the ground like teardrops on a soldier’s letter from the start you keep this going so far away from everything. Never give up I always give in. This is my home this is my life but these numbers are always leading to the end of you to the end of me to the end of everything that we know. To the end, to my fucking end. But I promise to never change. I hope to never change. I find it hard to stay but I never walk away.
We blame it, as we realize the meaning of the device which pushes us to procrastinate to fail but to keep our faith Ironic faces and metaphors give a prod to our time of rehab, scalping our new life and guilt is our middle name Beloved but with hatred emerging as our only expression to say that we feel alive, intense sense of loneliness. So, do we dance at night alone because the company is denied? We shield our souls with memories (we) make this world a munity of incompetents We ruin our time to touch divinity for no one but ourselves We lose blood, infected, we are deaf but not blind, We cry out to god.
Two things to love but keep away your instincts You tend to be more wicked preaching: the weak would lose it all The next hero will collect our bore and give it as a gift to us again We are afraid of the end An unapt role in this pretty exhibition This carnival's admission involving our evolving generation Provoking godless evocation, consuming your betrayal and then feel clean again We like to love all of our saints We love them all or we love more to not must love at all You approved so late this decision and you could cry to buy us all Forget not my strong soul my heart is not a store My heart is not in store, your heart is my heart's sore.
Brenda 03:26
I am not the one world thinks I am I made a vow, nobody ever gonna trade me I am not the one world thinks I am I assure you that none story of love pertains me This is my last chant and it’s my open sore I pleaded guilty if all these years sleep on the floor Come easy father, donate me that gun and nod like you mean it’s me I must not live Leave it all behind, behind my back, back to the ones I love This day I feel like more, I want to heal this bore What did you expect from me? To use your gift as a motive for you to bury me? You fail me, I dare you to share the bottle and let me tell you There is no way out, there is no way to revive the hope There is no heaven, there is no hell Just the ability to make ourselves suffer If I don’t feel the loss so what was this all about? If you don’t see the cost so why you keep on being around? I can’t forgive you, you can’t ever forget me I can’t forget, you can’t forgive I can’t forget anything, I can only stop remembering.
I 've never thought that this could be me When I look into your eyes, there is nothing more to see It’s like I wasn’t ready for this I 've never thought that this could be me When I look into your eyes, there is nothing more to see My heart is burning but my bones are fading There is a devil in me, working overnight for a purpose I don’t see I guess that it’s alright or maybe it’s not or there is nothing in me at all There’s no need of me and Ι walk away There’s no feeling of me but I don’t care With a golden heart and wooden legs to walk on the rocks I lost track of everything The sky is always there to remind me of the consequences of being alone What if Ι close my eyes, what if Ι never wake up Will u be still by my side? Will u still feel my heart? Beating with the shadows leaving with the ghosts Don’t pray for me, destiny is fighting with forever Forever is such a meaningless word Forever is such a meaningless word Forever is such a meaningless war
Replace me with something more, I won’t let this happen to you my beloved foe Feed me to the strong, so I start this war with a storm inside my lungs You are the one with no ears, no ears to hear your beliefs These scars are loud like a thousand, like a million, like a billion mouths Take me apart, let the waves crush me down this is your exile mister black-eyed little man This is your exile, this is your fucking time You pay a million miles to get me out, you see the world fade You pay a million miles to get me out, but now you can’t get by me you see the world change, I stare at you as you stay the same and you remain the same You pay a million miles to get me out, but now you can’t get by me you see the world change, I stare at you as you stay the same Don’t try to change me I know you tried don’t even think of making me get a rest I've trusted you so many times but this won’t last you said it’ll work you said it'll work Now it’s time for you to trust me too I saw yourself change on the day twelve Τhis was what I expected from you, what I expected was in you You said it'll work, but now it’s time for you to trust me too Behind a smile, you can see more than meets the eye Don’t be afraid my beloved friend Behind a smile, you can see more than meets the eye at the end we all share our stories alone


released January 1, 2017

Written and performed by Blame Kandinsky
Recorded by Alex Ketenjian and Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios
Mixed by Alex Ketenjian at Unreal Studios
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios , Sweden
Album Artwork, Video and Dis-sign by Ultragrim


all rights reserved



Blame Kandinsky Athens, Greece

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